Sybil Starr

Sybil has been modeling since 2004 and also began her fight career in 2004 under the tutelage of Dan "the beast" Severn & has fought across the U.S. & also in Japan & Greece. Sybil has been trained in Judo, jujitsu, folk style wrestling, Muay Thai kick boxing, karate, boxing & pro-style wrestling. Sybil has a professional mixed martial arts record of 1-1. She is a lifetime fan of prostyle wrestling & feels like she is living her dreams everday by being a "lady wrestler."
She has wrestled on the independent pro wrestling circuit throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana & Ontario, Canada. She is a two time womans wrestling champion.

Sybil has a BA in theatre/speech communications & loves producing videos & websites. She founded her guerilla style production company in 2005. Now her company (Sybil Starr Productions) creates content for 6 websites, and uses HD technology.

Sybil has hopes of becoming a ninja pirate & sneaking up on lots of booty on the high seas.

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