Starr Girls Season 1    
    Episode 1, Getting Started 14 minutes
In this episode we meet Veronika Valentine and Sybil Starr. These two feisty gals met in Detroit, Michigan last spring when they were recruited for a now defunct pillow fight league. They love to wrestle and want to have their own women's wrestling promotion. Sybil calls up her mentor, Dan Severn, to see if he can help them out. Dan expresses an interest and the girls are off to tour his facility, and to start looking for a trainer.
    Episode 2,Trainer Auditions 12 minutes
Veronika and Sybil start auditioning trainers for their women's pro-wrestling league. They have one theory, to train them, you have to be able to beat them!
    Episode 3, Starr Trainer 14 minutes
Hellena Heavenly arrives with her protege, Sin-D, in tow. The girls now have their trainer! Hellena teaches the girls a swift lesson and then shows them how it is done in the pro's.
    Episode 4, The Training Montage 10 minutes
Time to Train! The girls are getting worked out like crazy by their new trainer, and tensions rise as the girls get tired and feel less than respected!
    Episode 5, Humiliation Match 13 minutes
Sin-D and Veronika take their disagreement to the ring, where Sin-D decides it is not enough to just beat Veronika, but that she will make her pay her dues in a Humiliation match. Sybil Looks on in terror, and doesn't know what to do to help her friend.
    Episode 6, Tag Team Match 16 minutes
The nasty humiliation Sin-D was giving to Veronika was ended by Sybil's interference in the match! Now to settle the score, once and for all, the girls have been challenged to a tag team match! Can these amateurs take on the veterans and earn some respect?
    Episode 7, part 1 Buddy Wolfe 10 minutes
There is a new sheriff in town! Introducing the ladies' new manager, Buddy Wolfe. Ladies, are you looking to become famous? Or rich? Or both?? Buddy Wolfe can help you!!!
    Episode 7, part 2, Buddy Wolfe 23 minutes
Buddy has money to be made, and there is nothing he likes better than making money. . and no better way to do it than through ladies wrestling! Dress them up in bikinis and send them out! There are some naive and young lady wrestlers for Buddy to take under his wing and "show the ropes."
    Episode 8, Slumber Party and Pillow Fight 20 minutes
The seeds of dissension have been sown. Sybil is sure she is going to have an action figure made after her and that she will get "all the rockstarr pants" she wants, just like Buddy told her she would! The other girls are unsure how to knock some sense into her, but leave it to her dear friend Veronika to grab a pillow and declare war!
    Episode 9, Round Robin matches 1 & 2 21 minutes
In this episode we see the first two matches of the round robin tournament. Sybil vs Sin-D and Veronika vs Hellena. Before and after match interviews included along with commercials.
    Episode 10, Round Robin Matches 3 & 4 22 minutes
Who is beating who these days?
    Episode 11, Round Robin Matches 5 & 6 23 minutes
The next rounds are played out in this quest for the first champion.
    Episode 12, The Championship 17 minutes
The final episode of season 1. A champion is crowned for the first time!
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Three Old School Verbal Submission Matches
Josie vs Sin-D. Josie Vs Hellena. Sybil vs Sin-D. Old school pro-wrestling, verbal submission only match. All wear one piece suits with boots. All matches are ten minutes long.
30 minutes. $20
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